Have a canoe or kayak gathering dust in the garage?
Wanting to get out on a beautiful fall morning and do something in nature that makes you feel good for the rest of the day?

Join us for a “Clean Up & Canoe” on Saturday, October 29th.
Meet at 9 am at 12th Street and Bitting Street, Wichita, KS



Whether you are a 1st time canoer or an advanced kayaker, you and your family are invited to join tcanoe[1]he Arkansas River Coalition at the K-96 Lake on Wednesday, August 19th  from 5pm-7:30pm to paddle around the lake.  Signs will direct you to the lake from the Hillside street turn-off.  (Map and event details)

The ARC will provide boats, paddles and life jackets.  Experienced paddlers will be on hand to provide safety and paddling instructions or assist with paddling as needed.  (Parents will be asked to sign waivers prior to embarking on a boat ride.)

You are welcome to bring a picnic supper and spend the evening outside enjoying the lake.  Picnic tables are limited so bring a blanket or portable chairs if desired.

Members and friends of the Ark River Coalition are going to do a short clean-up project around the fishing docks, and your family is welcome to join in.  Trash bags and rubber gloves will be provided.   By participating in this project, you can model the practice of leaving our outdoor spaces cleaner than when we arrived.

 See you out on the lake!

Foster and Lecia only started backpacking after several "car" camping trips.

Foster and Lecia only started backpacking after several "car" camping trips.

It is easy to discover a new activity, try to participate, and then get overwhelmed. When connecting your family with nature and the outdoors, consider what you ALREADY do. Then take one more step. And then another.

Compare this with education – we start children in kindergarten, not college! Do the same with your family’s outdoor activities. If you already spend lots of time in the yard, consider visiting a nature park. If you want to take your family camping, start with the comforts of home close by and spend a night in the backyard. If you want to go canoeing, start by spending time at the edges of a creek.

Before you start anything new, analyze your own comfort levels. What do you like? What are you willing to try? Can you put some of your fears aside? Remember, if you are not comfortable participating in the outdoor activity, your family will not be either.


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