IMAG0374I know a lot of you have attended this event in the past, even when we’ve held it during the hot part of the summer. If you like to fish or if you want to have that first fishing experience, this activity is for you!

What: g2g Family Fishing

Where: Great Plains Nature Center at 6232 E. 29th St. N, Wichita, KS

When: Thursday, May 16th from 6-8 p.m.

Details: All equipment is provided, just bring yourself! Children must attend with a responsible adult. All children will get a free tackle box.

RSVP: Call Jessica at 316-683-8069 OR to the Facebook Event:

bagsWe have almost all of our events for 2013 planned! The final details may change, so check back to the blog or Facebook page as the events get closer. Some of these events will require an RSVP, so watch for that as we get closer as well.

March 30, 3:30-5:00 p.m. – g2g at the Zoo (Farm Families program)

May 16, 6-7:30 p.m. – g2g goes Fishing at the Great Plains Nature Center

June 19, 5-6 p.m. – g2g Digs Into Books (near Central Library)

July 6, 10-11:30 a.m. – Icy Dino Dig at Exploration Place

August 8, 6:30-7:30 p.m. – g2g goes Creeking at the WATER Center

September TBD – Mock Camping at Lake Afton

October 2, 5-6:30 p.m. – g2g at Botanica (visit the Woodland Garden and learn about Tree Foods)

November 18, 6:30-7:30 p.m. – Night Hike at the Great Plains Nature Center

December 14, 3:30-5:00 p.m. – Bird Watching in the Jungle Building at the Zoo

How many times have you taken a hike in a wildlife area and not seen any wildlife?  Well, come on out Saturday June 9, 9a-3p to the Great Plains Nature Center and they’ll bring the animals to you! 

Walk a 1 mile handicapped-accessible loop of the Chisholm Creek Park trail and visit stations along the way and see more critters than you can shake a stick at!

What you’ll see at Walk with Wildlife:

  • Over 50 different animals
  • Trained volunteers to answer your most pressing animal questions
  • Kids Fishing Clinic – check the Wichita Eagle for Registration info
  • An awesome interactive museum inside the Nature Center

There are 2 OK Kids events going on in Wichita on Saturday, May 19.  Join in the fun at one or both locations!  See this link for all the details.

#1.  OK Kids at the Great Plain Nature Center will be an outdoor adventure for all.  Saturday, May 19, 10a-2p!

Your Adventure at GPNC will include:

  • Live animals up close and personal
  • Building a fort
  • Fishing (sign up the day of event)
  • Target shooting
  • Building a bird house or bird feeder
  • Bird watching (win a pair of binoculars!)
  • Orienteering
  • Planting a tree (take home and plant)
  • Make a recycled toy

#2 OK Kids at the OJ Watson Park,  Saturday, May 19, 9a-noon.

Your Adventure at OJ Watson Park will include:

  • Fishing & water safety
  • Volleyball
  • Moon walk
  • Kayaks
  • Train rides, pony rides, mini-golf, pedal boats & concessions for a small fee.

It’s time for Storytime at the WATER Center Tuesday May 8 from 10am-11am. 

Join the WATER Center Staff for a free storytime and nature activity.  May’s story is Trout, Trout, Trout by April Pulley Sayre.  The Activity is “Get Fishy!”  The program is designed for Pre-K aged children, but all are welcome to attend.

The WATER Center is located in Herman Hill Park on the corner of Pawnee and Broadway. Due to contruction at Pawnee & Broadway, please access Herman Hill park via McClean and Pawnee. 

You can park in the lot by the playground or behind the WATER Center building.  The building has fountains out front.  Wander up the path towards the fountains and enter the building for storytime.  After storytime you can play in the museum or hike along the streamside paths towards the Arkansas River.

Mark the calendar – March 31st

Have you been wanting to check out one of the Kansas State Parks?  On March 31, all state parks will host a Free Park Entrance Day, with open-house in the offices, allowing visitors to purchase park permits on the last day of lower off-season pricing.

Explore the beaches, scope out the campgrounds, walk the trails and more during this once-a-year free day at the parks!

The 40th Annual National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHFD) — designated by Congressional decree and Presidential Proclamation — will be held Sept. 24. The event is a nationwide celebration of hunters and anglers and their contributions to conservation.

This year, T. Boone Pickens is the honorary chair for National Hunting and Fishing Day. Pickens is one of America’s most prominent and influential businessmen. He is president and CEO of the investment firm BP Capital Management and founder of Mesa Petroleum.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) Operations Office will host a NHFD event at its Pratt Operations Office located at 512 SE 25th Ave. (2 miles east and 1 mile south of Pratt) on Saturday, Sept. 24. The celebration will run from 8 a.m. through 1 p.m. The event will include a kids’ fishing derby, a casting contest, catch and release fishing, archery, a canoe race, and other outdoor events.

National Hunting and Fishing Day was established in 1972 under President Nixon, when Congress dedicated the fourth Saturday of each September to recognize the efforts of generations of hunters and anglers who support wildlife conservation and habitat improvements with billons of dollars collected through fees on hunting and fishing licenses and permits, excise taxes on hunting and fishing equipment, as well as donations. Many species such as white-tailed deer, turkey, pronghorn, elk, whooping cranes, and bald eagles were brought back from near extinction through management programs funded by sportsmen.

National Hunting and Fishing Day 2011 sponsors include Wonders of Wildlife, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Sportsman Channel, Realtree, Smith & Wesson, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, Cabela’s,, Academy Sports + Outdoors, the Pope and Young Club, Yamaha Motor Corporation, and the Izaak Walton League.

For more information, including a detailed history of National Hunting and Fishing Day, as well as a feature article on Pickens, go online to For events in your area, contact the nearest KDWPT office.

The buses are warming up, teachers are back in their classrooms, stores are starting to sell all those fun supplies…all this means that it’s almost time for school to start!  But, school is not here yet, and if you’re running out of ideas to motivate your kids to play outdoors or on their own check out the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Park’s Wildlifer Challenge

This is not for the lazy or weak at heart.  These “challenges” will get your kids aware and active in the outdoors.  And, there are prizes for completing 15 missions!!!

g2g can help you do LOTS of the challenges.  We’re going fishing (one of the challenges) next week on Wednesday.  You can pitch a tent at our camping event on Friday Sept 23.  We blogged about catching fireflies.  Did you do that?  If yes, you’ve got one challenge already completed!  Go on a Night Walk and find the big dipper (another Wildlifer Challenge).  Or, you can canoe or kayak.  Check out the local event that will help you complete this challenge!  See how easy and fun this will be!

Wildlifer Challenge Mission

 WARNING: if you’re the type of kid who loves to stay indoors, lazily perched on a nice, comfy couch while you text on your phone in front of a television with a game controller in your hand – all day, every day – you are about to be officially challenged!


Should you so choose, you will be taken on a journey of 15 outdoor challenges for you to complete. Upon completion, you will be recognized as an official Kansas WildLifer! The challenges you’ll encounter are not hard to complete if you have one ounce of “WildLifer” spirit inside you. Some challenges may only take you an hour to accomplish, while others may take an entire day. You’ll quickly realize that you are not like everyone else! You’re busting the norm wide open and living life to the fullest!


PROVE to you that getting outside – beyond the playgrounds, ball fields and concrete sidewalks – is a blast!


PROVE to us that you’re not the kind of kid who wastes all of your valuable free time laying around inside the house all day. That’s not you. You like the thrill of adventure. The mystery of the unknown. Maybe even a little danger from time to time. The sense of freedom. You rock!

Exploring the outdoors will make you think for yourself. You have to be creative. Successful. Not because some video game congratulates you on completing another level, but because you PROVE IT TO YOURSELF with what you can do with a little determination and freedom in the wild outdoors!

PARENTAL WARNING: In today’s world, children are spending more time playing video games, texting, and watching TV than ever before.  It’s not that all of these activities are necessarily bad, but anything in excess is usually not a good thing. And lying around the house – all day, every day – is literally killing America’s youth by contributing to an inactive lifestyle, which of course leads to obesity and other social and health problems in our communities. It’s not good. Children all over America are missing out on the opportunities to experience nature, wildlife and the outdoors simply because the experiences have been removed from our culture over time.


If you look at these challenges and think “I’ve done this before. This will be easy”, consider yourself very fortunate. Someone, somewhere along your life’s journey encouraged and supported you as you explored the outdoor world. And that’s now your mission: to be that someone in your child’s outdoor life and experiences.

If when you see these challenges your lip starts to snarl, your brow starts to furrow and your skin starts to crawl, take a deep breath and relax. We’re not asking for much here, and we truly believe that you’ll enjoy yourself. Today, instead of being outdoors, many people choose to stay in their comfortable little electronic worlds. Think about it. It’s a proven fact that kids today spend record amounts of time staring at video games, cell phones and televisions. What about you? Maybe it’s not a video game, but instead it’s your computer or cell phone. And maybe you need to become a WildLifer too! Two birds with one stone…perfect!

I read a great article in Outside Magazine this month.  It’s all about how important it is for parents to model outdoor play & recreation for their children. 

You’ve seen kids copy their parents by pretending to mow the lawn, cook, and talk on the phone.  These are all expamples of work, which is a great thing to teach children.  However, shouldn’t parents also teach kids to play? 

If you are active in outdoor recreation your kids will want to be outside and create outdoor habits and hobbies too.  

Check out the “Father Plays Best” article for more details about how you as a dad (or mom) can incorporate your kids into your outdoor hobbies, exercise and adventures.  Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to stay inside!   

Here is a quick summary of my favorite parts of the article:

  1. Take them with you – If you are hiking, biking, hunting or running, toting kids along will make you stronger.  Bringing your kids along will build habits of exercise and outdoor appreciation.  Last fall we hiked in the mountains with a 3 and 1 & 1/2  year old.  Forget the fancy kidcarriers, those Kansas kiddos hiked up and down those hills the whole way, we took a few extra breaks but they did awesome!  (Safety Tip:  bring those babies along, but make sure that their neck muscles are strong enough for the type of activity you’re doing.) 
  2. Think outside the sandbox – What fun unstructured adventures can you create with your kids?   Treehouse?  Fort?  Made-up games?  A kids garden?  Give them opportunities right outside the back door.  Go play with them often.  “Show them how to have fun out there.”
  3. Hit the road –  Take you kids on outdoor adventures; camping, biking, canoeing, hiking, etc. Prepare them for the types of activities they will be doing, but also be flexible in your schedule so that you can stop to do things that just come along.  Teach them the packing and the clean up skills as well.  You want them to be able to do these things on their own or with their own kids someday.  This leads into the last one… 
  4. Set them free – slowly, bit by bit, begin to let your kids go off on their own.  If you are kayaking, fishing, biking, hiking or whatever with them from a young age, when they are older you will be confident when they are ready to be on their own.  Sometimes it takes more bravery from the parent, rather than the child, to let the kids off on their own.  Start with just a few minutes on their own and build up to full independence.  Ahh, this is what parenting is all about!

What activities to you like to do with your kids outside?  What adventure are you going to take your kids on next?


How many times have you taken a hike and not seen any wildlife?  Take a walk with your family through the Great Plains Nature Center like you’ve never seen it before!  They will bring the critters to you at the 27th Annual Walk with Wildlife on Saturday, June 11 from 9am-3pm, $2 admission (not required).  It is a great day for kids and adults!

View live Kansas wildlife:  mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, owls, and insects.  Experts will answer questions at stations along a one-mile loop in Chisholm Creek Park. 

Once again, the Wichita Eagle will sponsor a kids fishing clinic at Walk with Wildlife.  Look for an entry form in the Eagle and send it in to register!
Questions about the fishing clinic?  Call 268-6382.

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